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Rear Combination Lamp with Diffused Tail Light (Twin Pack)

Product Details

Product Code: 3856ARWM-2

Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reverse

Dimensions: 387mm x 105mm x 31mm

  • 12/24V multivolt
  • Diffused tail light
  • Fully ECE approved
  • IP67 - fully waterproof
  • 5 year warranty
  • Highly efficient LED technology
  • Shock and vibration tested

Current Draw (13.8V/28V): Indicator: 0.18A/0.09A, Tail: 0.56A/0.30A, Stop: 0.13A/0.07A, Reverse: 0.27A/0.14A

ECE R10 Approved
ECE R6 Approved
ECE R7 Approved
5 Year Warranty
ECE R23 Approved

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